Summer in Sweden

Last  year  during  July  I  spent  a week  with  my  boyfriend Niklas  in  wonderful  Stockholm and  its  surroundings. We  both  loved the  atmosphere  of  the  city  and so  I   thought   why  not  share  this with  you?  A  special  thank  you  to  our  amazing  friend  Aya  who  showed  us   around  and   welcomed  us  so  warm - heartedly.  So, here we go!


 - If you want to see the pictures a bit closer, simply click on them -

1st day

We started from Cologne on our two hour journey to land at  Arlanda Airport. Then we made our way to our hotel with the flygbuss which you can book before online. The bus starts from every terminal and stops at several locations throughout the whole city. We only had to walk a short distance to our hotel in  Vasastan, a district of Stockholm. It's a really quiet and nice one, you don't see  many tourists and can easily make your way into the old city within 20 minutes using public transportation. For that matter I'd highly recommend getting a SL Access card. You can load whatever amount you like on it and also a fare for 7 days with which you can travel as much as you like for the duration of the card.

Our hotel was the Best Western Plus Time Hotel which we'd totally recommend for a city trip. The rooms were clean, the staff friendly and the breakfast heavenly! Plus they've an ICA supermarket next door where we could always find some supplies for a picnic or quick lunch.

We didn't do much on the day of our arrival. Just explored this part of town and had a great dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant callled Via Vai Ristorante. 

Later in the evening Stockholm greeted us with a beautiful sunset we watched from our hotel room.  Perfect ending to the day.

2nd day

We spent the second day wandering around Stockholm all day and found some pretty amazing places. My tip would be to start at Gamla stan , the historic center of the city and to explore from there on by foot. Here you see some typical sights which are obviously known for a reason.

Then we went on to Djurgården, another island of Stockholm, where many famous attractions like the Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund and the Abba museum are located but after seeing how many tourits were roaming around we decided to go on instead and ended up at Rosendals Trädgård. This is a beautiful paradise for all lovers of nature and flowers. We made like 10 kilometers by foot but you can also use any form of public transportation like bus, tram or ferry from central Stockholm to reach Djurgården.

We ended this wonderful day of exploration with a dinner at Gamla stan and made our way back to the hotel with the tram. Finally, not walking! But for real, the public transportation system in Stockholm is easy and really great!

3rd day

The first half of the day was spent at the Fotografiska, one of the world's most famous photography museums. However, I liked it but I didn't take any pics of it or our trip to it because it was a bit messy since they were redoing the road and other complexes but we made our way through it.

My favorite part of the day was getting pizza at the Italian restaurant I mentioned before (we went there three times in 7 days) and going for a picnic in Hagaparken. It's in the city but you feel like you are in the Swedish countryside as soon as you enter it. Also found out that Niklas could definitely take photos more often, he did a pretty good job! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

4th day

On the 4th day I finally got to meet my best friend after over 4 years of texting. It may sound weird to name this person your bff but Aya is my soulmate over so many things, for real. And now finally being able to talk in person and hug her was nothing short of wonderful. She organized an amazing day for us which we spent at Tullgarns Slott and where we took hundreds of photographs. Aya also took one of my favourite pictures of Niklas and me and he documented the whole day perfectly again. Down here you see a mixture of pictures taken by the three of us. I hope you enjoy them!

5th day

When we thought things couldn't get more amazing than the day before, Aya's family welcomed us so wearm heartedly with a trip to Taxinge Slott and later in the evening with a gorgeous dinner cooked by her beautiful mom. Together with Ronya and Signe, Aya's two best friends, the evening turned into one of our favorite experiences with lots of stories, laughter and a feeling of gratefulness.  (I also should mention her funny dad and the cutest little sister Linn!)


7th day

I'll just skip the 6th day on here because all I remember of it is eating burgers in bed. We were both a bit exhausted from all of the impressions of the last days and needed a break. From the holidays. Yes, that happens.

But now on to the 7th day: we booked a boat tour around the archipelago and we'd really recommend it even tho there were mostly pensioners with us which made us feel like we were 70 already. But it's a nice and, most importantly after 6 days of running around, relaxing way of exploring those little beautiful islands. If you want to get to know these better you can also book tours where you can hop on and off the boats. So, there are options for everyone.

Later in the day we met up with Aya again. This time in Södermalm for a nice dinner and watching the sunset over the water. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful week and really hard to say goodbye to our beloved friend. We'll cherish these moments forever and are excited to come back!

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Fotografie - Meine Leidenschaft

Für mich ist die Fotografie eine wunderbare Möglichkeit Gefühle und Momente einzufangen,

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